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Confira a Letra Infinity Beyond

Acid Rain

Infinity Beyond

Out in the silence
Where the yells of life are dumb
Out in the freezing cold
I really can't see if my heart has turn to ice

Clay made illusions
That we all know
That we all know
Clay made confusions
Awaiting for the time your sins are ready to flow

Out in this prison
That belongs to nowhere else
Out in this living maze
Awaiting for the time i could go back to earth

My only treasures
Are left behind
Are left behind
My own decisions, expectant betrayers
That don't help me anymore

Hey, is anyone there?
Any friendly voice who cares
This time i won't doubt. go!

And here it is, the final length of the final highway
And as the old man says,
Only one can break the door of mercy
And here he stands alone
Looking foward to infinity beyond

And now we say farewell
Leaving you the chance to end the story
But getting through the end of death