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Confira a Letra Search of Nowhere

Acid Rain

Search of Nowhere

You, you've always been the light of my life
And i knew i'd never be away from your side
And now, that i have to be, i have to live
Without you, hoping memories are erased from my mind

I want to know, i want to see
If you stare at the stars into the night
And if those teardrops fill your eyes
Right or wrong, i wish there was a chance to go back
Right or wrong, to leave my life undone...

But i will break free of the mud i'm in
I don't want this to be my grave full of inner fears

Just a soul in the search of nowhere
In a place between hell and earth
If you quit you will fall apart
Emotions swell and fill your brain
As the time goes on in my way
Every change seems to me surprising
Like a child playing with snow
A quest for a brand new world

You, you've always been the light of my life
And i know things come and go like the sand