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Confira a Letra Unholy Visions In The Looking Glass

Acronychal Ritual

Unholy Visions In The Looking Glass

As i gaze
Gaze deep into the depths
I turn and face the mirror
A reflection of myself
The vortex opens before my eyes
The mists of time roll out
This tragic beauty
Has sealed my fate

From the south, the adversary approaches
Satan, lord of the fire,
The king of the four crown princes,

The depths of the west bear a serpent,
Leviathan, i invoke thee from the watery abyss

The north i am facing
Here is my prince
Lord belial, master of the earth

Lucifer, the morning star,
Bear the light from the east
And reveal the new truth...

The vortex rages on
From the depths of the looking glass i return