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Confira a Letra Days Like These


Days Like These

The Sun Was Shining
The Sky Was Crying
It Just Tore Apart
And Down Came the Rain

And I Was Soaking
Yeah I Was Freezing
But I Was Feeling
No Kind of Pain

Come a Fireball
I Held It in My Hand
You See Before You
A Man Who's Known Greatness

I Had a Vision
A Revelation
I Took a Look Inside of Me
And I Am a Sensation

Days Like These I Feel Like I Can Change the World {repeat}

It's Either Easy
Or It's Impossible
And If You Ain't Got It
You Ain't Never Gonna Get It

But Once You Find It
You Gotta Grab It
Reach Down Your Own Throat
And Yank It to the Surface

That May Be Brutal
May Be Gory
But Whatever Else It Is
It's My Story

And I Believe It
Yeah, I Can See It
I Sing It Out, Shout It Out
Gimme Death Or Glory


Days Like These, Days Like These
I Think I'll Move a Mountain Or Two
Days Like These, Days Like These
Anything You Want You Know I'll Get It For You

The Sun Was Shining
I Was Crying
I Saw a Thousand People
Singing in the Rain

And I Was Thinking
About the Indians
And How They Say True Wisdom
Only Comes From Pain

Come a Rumbling
Humbling Feeling
Like Things Will Never
Ever Be the Same

But What Doesn't Kill You
Only Makes You Stronger
Today I'm Strong Enough
And Anyway, I Love the Rain