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Confira a Letra Desire



From the Very First Rush
To the Very Last Sigh
In a Moment's Touch
To the Whole of Time
Be the Secrets of Pain
Kiss the Tears That You Cry

Just to Hold Without
Get to Touch Within
From the Sound of Your Breath
To the Taste of Your Skin
I'd Give All My Days
Just For One of Your Nights

I've Just Got to Get Next to You
Let It Out, Let It Go

Desire, Make It Physical
Looks to Feed the Thrill
Desire, With Its Hungry Eyes
Closing For the Kill
Desire, All That's Left in Me
Tears the Night in Two
Desire, Like a Primitive
Claw My Way to You
Are You Thinking of Me
Like I'm Thinking of You?

How the Innocence Dies
In a Passionate Stare
A Shaft of Light
A Silent Dare
The Call of the Wild...

From the Very First Crime
Of Original Sin
To the Carnal Lie
Where the Truth Begins
Just to Feel Your Nails
Lift Me Up Like Wings

I've Just Got to Get Next to You
Let It Out, Let It Go