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Confira a Letra Don't Cut the Wire


Don't Cut the Wire

He Was Just a Lonely Kid
No Matter What He Did
Was Never Recognised
Then You Came Along
Was the Second Son
So Special in Their Eyes

Oh How He Ran
To the City Where His Dreams Would Turn to Man
Oh How He Ran

So He Lived His Life Alone
Where He Lay Was Home
Then They Made Him Move Along
From Town to Town
With His Head Held Down
Then He Turned Twords the Gun

Again How He Ran
From the Badge He Had no Chance to Understand
Oh How He Ran

Don't Cut the Wire, Cos He Really Needs You Now
Don't Cut the Wire, in the Final Hour
When It Comes to the Rest, You Were Always the Best
Brother Don't You Cut the Wire

Many Years Have Passed
But Behind the Mask
He Always Thought of You
Now With a Gun in Hand
It's His Final Stand
Your Brother Needs You Too

He Knows How He Ran
From the Child He Was
Then Later From the Man
Oh How He Ran