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Confira a Letra Lay Down Your Arms


Lay Down Your Arms

We Used to Live in a Better World
Where Sky and Water Were Free
We Point the Finger
We Point the Gun
Is That the Way It Should Be ?

We Rape the Land
And We Tear the Skin
Burn the Blood in the Stone
To Fuel the Fire of a Selfish Mind
Do You Want to Live Here Alone ?

Lay Down Your Arms - Surrender
You Know Youïll Never Get Out of Here
Lay Down Your Arms - Remember
No Force - Youïd Better Lay Down Your Gun

Such Are the Sins of Humanity
Dark Is the Air That We Breath
A War to Hide in Society
Donït Close Your Eyes to Deceive

Too Many Promises
Too Many Tears
Where Does the Future Lie
If We Burn Away the Years

We Can Make This a Better World
Where Sky and Water Are Free
So Give the Hand Without the Gun
Thatïs the Way It Will Be