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Confira a Letra Only Time Will Tell


Only Time Will Tell

You're Leaving Now
It's in Your Eyes
There's no Disguising It
It Really Comes As no Surprise
To Find That You Planned It All Along

I See It Now
Becomes So Clear
Your Insincerity
And Me All Starrey-eyed
To Think That I Would Have Know By Now

Now, Sure As the Sun Will Cross the Sky
This Lie Is Over
Lost, Like the Tears That Used to Tide Me Over

{only Time Will Tell}
One Thing Is Sure
That Time Will Tell
{only Time Will Tell}
If You Were Wrong
The Brightest Ring Around the Moon
Will Darken When I Die


{repeat First Verse}
{repeat Second Verse}

{only Time Will Tell}
You're On Your Own
Inside Your Room
{only Time Will Tell}
You're Claiming Victory
You Were Just Using Me
And There Is no One You Can Use Now

{only Time Will Tell}
One Thing Is Sure
That Time Will Tell...