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Confira a Letra Operation Eagle Lie


Operation Eagle Lie

Damn Lies and Statistics
Fitting Up and Stitching Up
Down At Ballistics
The Back of the Van
It Ain't Used For Seating
Just Check Through the Window
The Youth Them Get a Beating.

Meet P.c. P.r. the Designer Policeman
Putting Up a Smokescreen With His Multi-coloured Truncheon
Shake a Few Bad Apples Off the Long Arm of the Law
But He Knows and We Know That It's Rotten to the Core.

Black Man On a Double Yellow -
He's a Criminal
A Racial Attack -
Investigation Minimal
You'll Always Find Us On the End of a Baton
When the Black Meets the Blue
You Know Who's Getting Spat On
Now I'm Giving to You and I Am Driving Into You
The Truth
No Number Crunching
It's Just Your Mind That We're Mugging
Adf Taking Them On At I-spy
Watching Them Watching Us
Operation Eagle Lie.

Unity Is Strength and Strength Is Unity
Ic1, Ic2 and Also Ic3
Altogether We Can Defend All of the Community
One People, All Nations
Fi Reach Their Destiny
Before the Devil Man Used to Use the Truncheon
To Kill the Black Man Is Still His Dream Ambition
Now They Have Swat Batons and Cctv
For Unusual People - Just Like You and Me
Young Sisters and Brothers Dying From Heart Attacks
But How Can We Breathe When the Beast Is On Our Back
Cs Gas in Your Lungs, Eyes and Your Mouth
Just Another Police Murder Without a Doubt.

Cps Is the Piggy's Alibi
None of Them Are Ever Prepared to Be the Fall Guy
Adf Taking Them On At I-spy
Whatching Them Watching Us
Operation Eagle Lie.