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Confira a Letra Real Areas For Investigation


Real Areas For Investigation

Check It Out
Check It Out
Without a Doubt
This Is the New Sound a Coming Around
No We Never Lost Sight of the Fight On Our Hands
People of Colour
Listen Up
We're Giving You the First Bite
Homegrown - Many Seeds Have Been Sown
We're Developing Our Sound
Now It's Fully Blown
Creative Movements-
Moves Meant to Make You Think
Sounds Shaped to Take You to the Brink
Messages Received and Sent
Midi Warriors
Omni On
This Is Rafi's Revenge

Equal Opportunity Denied to Us
Yes They Put Us On the White List
That's Why We're Making a Fuss
They Never Thought We'd Get to This Stage
Still They Won't Give Us Any Space On Their Page
Mixing the Rant With the Rave-
That's Our Way
But They Only Want to Listen If We've Nothing to Say
No Start Or End Points
Just Dealing With This Time Stretch
Cos in This Time, Dread
We're On a Mission to Vex.