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Confira a Letra Satellite Blues


Satellite Blues

Hey You, You're Walking Down a New York Street
Feel the Tension in the Midday Heat
You're Walking On Blood
Tv, It's All There On a Japanese Screen
East, West, There's no in Between
Now, We Just Love "the Reds"

Everything Is Now Because the Past Is Dead
You've Got to Look Forward If You Want to Get Ahead
What Kind of Person Sells a Young Person Drugs?
You Bring Them Up Good But Don't Call Them Thugs
Third World Stories, Well They Make the News
It's a Five Minute Wonder, Call It...

Satellite Blues
Any Way the Wind Blows

Dive, Dive! Underground Is Just the Place to Be
So Cool, It Keeps the City Clean
Now Walk On By

I Said "walk, Walk, Don't Run!"
Don't You Know You've Got to Follow the Signs?
This Life's So Cruel, So Cruel to Be Kind
It's a One-way Street

You've Got to Live On the Edge Just to Make a Big Deal
This Life's Big Fun, Man, It's Like a Roulette Wheel
What Kind of World Would Let These Children Die?
There's So Much Money We Could All Retire
We Could All Live Happily If We Choose
But It's a Five Minute Wonder, Call It...

Satellite Blues
Any Way the Wind Blows