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Confira a Letra Someday



Don't Want to Live in Another World
Don't Want to Dream of Another Girl
That's the Way It Was Meant to Be

I Couldn't Sleep Through the Lonely Night
I Just Cried Till the Morning
It's Not the Way It Was Meant to Be

Someday You May Find Somebody Else
Someday Love My Shine On You
Someday You May Find the One

You Didn't Leave Me, You Ran Away
Couldn't Face What You Had to Say
It's Not the Way It Was Meant to Be

Now You Can Live in Your Other World
Me, I've Found Me Another Girl
And That's the Way It Was Meant to Be

When I Dream, I Dream of One World
But I Know There's no Such Place
If I Could Ever Find That One Girl
In My World, in My World