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Confira a Letra Voice of America


Voice of America

I Heard You On the Radio
Some Other Time
From Some Forgotten Studio
Way Down the Line
So Long, So Long I've Waited Now
To Hear You Again
That Song, That Song Will Still Remain
It's Become An Old Friend
And Now, the Tears Are in My Eyes
The Sound You Can't Disguise
The Truth Comes Back From Lies
And All I Want to Hear

Voice of America, Ooh, America
Voice of America, Ooh, America

And Then You Came in Stereo
Calling to Me
And So I Watch the Videos
Across the T.v.
That Sound, Still Ringing in My Ears
From a Decade Ago
Around, Around My Head, the Sound From My Radio
I Thought, That After All These Years
The Tears, the Growing Fears
That I Would Never Hear
Never Again

Voice of America, Ooh, America
Voice of America, Ooh, America