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Confira a Letra Wildest Dream


Wildest Dream

"They Decorated All the Generals
Who Fought the War Behind the Lines
They Had Forgotten All the Soldiers
The Brandy Puts Them Way Behind the Times
Insanity Has Found Its Way to Tv Screens
Vision Seems Impossible to Me
They Fight For King and Country
I Never Would Have Thought This in My
* Wildest Dreams (X4)
Evening Comes, We Sit and Watch the Features
Clips and Rushes Come From Who-knows-where
From Washington Across to California
The Fighting Breaking Out in Leicester Square
We See the Soldiers Moving On to Victory
And Children Trampled Under Marching Feet
They Fight For King and Country
How Many Millions Will They Put to Sleep?
(* Repeat)
Fly Away!
** No, Not in This World
No, Not in the Next
No, Not in My Wildest Dreams
They Recommended You to Leisure
For Non-conformers Anywhere
Some Men's Dreams For Others Turn to Nightmares
This Never Would Have Happened in Their
(* Repeat)
Fly Away!
(** Repeat)"