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Confira a Letra Body Machine

Adolphson Falk

Body Machine

I first met my girlfriend in the park one april day
She was sitting underneath my favorite tree
I had to say "you can't sit there"
She laughed at me you know i couldn't help but like her
Told her so
And then i guess i must've closed my eyes and kissed her
Looked again
Still there
How did she get here?
Why today appear?
How can she be here?
Minutes stretched to days to months
We never left that spot
I swear they had to mow around us
Carved our names into the tree and pledged that we'd be there
One day we're talking
Suddenly she's got to play a game of hide and seek
I close my eyes and count to ten
Look again
She's gone
Someone tell me please
How long must i wait for her to be a good friend to her now?
I can only count so high; the numbers just run out
But i won't stop until they do
Looked high and low, looked all around but couldn't find her
Climbed a tree
Nothing to see but people looking at me funny
Called her name
I swear i spent the next three years just trying to find her
Thought i saw her once or twice but i'm not sure
One thing i know though:
When she goes
She's gone
How can i be there
When i can't find her anywhere?
How can i be
Unless she is
Why should i be