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Confira a Letra Sensi Adict


Sensi Adict

Sensi addict, man a sensi addict
Sensi addict, man a sensi addict
Sensi addict, man a sensi addict

Ooh yeah..high grade addict

Yo please officer, slow down your turbulent mind
Jah people smoking herb, we na go deal with no crime
And everything i do is for my spirituality
I keep the evil down with my sweet sensi
Minagonna hit no one mi nagonna cause no strife
You nagonna see no rasta dissing anothamans life
Cause its all about the roots, and this is what i really feel
Im singing mi reggae music while i´mseeding the field

Standing on the corner, i smoke my spliff
Here comes the officer wan charge me for it
Please officer, don’t you lock me up for it..
Im only smoking my biggest spliff yes..

Sensi addict, man a sensi addict
Sensi addict, man a sensi addict
Sensi addict, man a sensi addict

Well mi seh right in tha morning time me use to smoke pon di pipe
And inna di afternoon a mi love to blaze mychiloom
And after lunch a smoke a di blunt, and burn up di plant a killa di vamp
Inna di night time gimmi de splif let me light
Mi love collie weed hipocritsdem cyan talk
Mi burn and the system fulfill they´re money pocket
They know what we need, a so the ting set
Allright some little green help me pon the version..

In thisya struggling soma smuggling dung the dancehall
Tuff things ruff things weaintgonna beg a ting
Let in i decide now my own destiny..

Sensi addict..

Danger adonai yes i roll the mic tight,
Real ganjaman mi nah smoke no crack pipe
And anywhere mi go mi just a live up di night
I look fo some poompoom, pretty girls wa mi like
No lsd this thing can make you crazy
No opio this thing can turn you down low
No cocainacause i don’t loosepon di arena
Striclkysensikeep´my mind healthy

Sensi addict…

Bway that weed wicked adonai…whe´re you get that draw a weed deh from my bredren?

Straight from brasil….