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Confira a Letra Deathtrip Chronicle


Deathtrip Chronicle

It's only grief and pain, the ugliest disease
The hierophant is praying to the gallows
The only dread and grim and suddenly he freezes
The great redeemer, the future trap

The scars and promises, against the seraphim
The blood is leaking like the time in history
Disgrace and sickness, a pleasure with no feel
A choice of death, a path to nil

And only shapes remain to defend them
Like a tale with never-ending end
A life with innocence, the only savior
The fearless hunter, the timeless trip

For those who felt, for every deceiver and martyr
I am here to justify the sins...
No one will follow the signs
This journey is just loneliness and fear

The endless bound
The cosmic sound

Wrapped in cocoon of mortal and endless oblivion
Only the flesh reminds the link
Scars of human emptiness
The angriness diverted into creed

The endless bound
The cosmic sound

I hear no will, I see no marks,
It's this journey that outlines my past
I am nothing, I am everything,
I am always more than I feel

Dragged in sin, former believers
Plague and wax shroud all the cells
The road of purity, the death
Cast in stone, future and nowhere
In the womb of gravid land
Gates of past, the flow of dimension
The fearless hunter, the timeless trip