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Confira a Letra Grand Narcotic Harvest


Grand Narcotic Harvest

Give me the poison to restore my wounds
This filthy water drive me insane
I know, this trance it never ends
All that I want is pure death...

Whatever I feel,
Whatever I breath

Silence, I am the one who speaks
Silence, let snowed white dreams

I want to be lost - forever
I heal my past

I sown the seeds of loss
In the valley of unexpected realm
Where flesh and dreams reborn
Reaping the harvest of rain...

...Is beating till bled my heart
This pain I feel will never be undone
Fill my veins with dope and ecstasy
I am of my own creation thing

It's like a plague that never goes away,
It's always there hiding in the corner of the mind
And waits...until you're ready to embrace your warm body

Like a plague that never goes away
A broken toy in the garden of Eden
Painting the disaster of the physical substance

I want be to lost - forever
I heal my past

Lyrics by: Jhow