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Confira a Letra Psychonautic Odyssey


Psychonautic Odyssey

Invisible... the worm that is hiding in my entrails
As the shadows are shining at the bottom of hell

A journey without end
A funeral pall, with a discordant siren

My damned nature, the origin of worms
A navigation without destination
A funeral pall

Psychonautic Odyssey

Inside to my shipyard,
A motion of cold
An Ion atmosphere... philosophy
With the words of nothing

A trap of sickness
And despair

Psychonautic Odyssey

The salvation of never
A savior in the ocean of pain
The underground...
A voyage that will become the last

Ice, a quest of wisdom
Shades commands the thoughts of return

Mind spheres with broken mastheads
Dressed in colors of apocalypse
Guiding with futility
Hallucinations of organic disharmony

Extravagance - another dimension of wrath
The road of inner confession
The instincts of gods

Lyrics by: Jhow