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Confira a Letra Lords Of The Black Path

After Death

Lords Of The Black Path

By the names of them , who dwell in gloom. Yog Sothoth, Tsatthaggua, and Azagthoth
Who cracked the foundations of this Black Earth. Formless, terrible and merciless.
Here my calling, come to this sinful place. Yath Yattharl, Eggallahamosh, Ashtanga Yadu
The horror of times before has come back to us. Adamant, insatiable and unseen.
The sun shall dim and fall to pieces. Yain! The Lords of Alyach!
I worship, I serve, I praise, I honor. Egh Yaggihn!

I must awaken them from their sleep, in the 9 Lands of Oblivion. Awaken to the screams of the sacrifice.
I read the lines from the Black Tablet, the terrible Rites of Alyach! Wake up with the boiling blood of the maids.
I speak the language of the Dark World, for the world of light is now cursed. May my words tremble the Earth.

Give your praise and tribute to him, Lord who Dwells among the Graves. Faceless creature in the mist.
This is the way of the Prey to The Worms, Lord of The Black Path from Beyond. Addicted to perversion and desired of might.
Those who worship the Power of Alyach, will discover the Dark Secret. By spilling the blood of the sacrifice.

Beware the creatures of the border, they have no symbols or rules.
No form or measure beyond the line, that is named Zenrit Maynjosh.
The Path of Alyach leads to immortality, for those who unite with them.
Do not recoil from the Death of Your Soul, for it's Rebirth is Eternal.

As they come from the other side and eat the flesh offered to them.
Feel the poison of their breath.
Revere these creatures of the angles, who feed on the blood of the sacrifice.
And devour the souls of mankind.
Lords of The Black Path from Beyond, come and reclaim Your Throne!