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Confira a Letra Dreamflight

After Forever


Welcome and wake up
This is not a dream but something in between that and reality
Wake up if you dare
This is not the regular nightmare!

Before your eyes the world will change
Slowly take you down to unknown places
Welcome to a world that's only yours
Wake up if you dare and just follow me

Leave me alone, my dreams speak to me or am I still awake?
Leave me alone, I'm my own threat, I'm a victim of my mind. Let go!
I fooled you, I warned you though
I won't let go before you've dreamed all your dreams
I'll play you, you want me to
You ask for more, you want to know

Leave me now, I need to know I'm in control
Leave me alone, leave me be within my private fantasies. Let go!
I told you, I won't let go
I want to show you what dreams can do for you
They'll free you, they'll open doors
They show you all you want to know

As some is light and some is dark
Dreams can be both, they have two sides

Fear, I am your fear deep inside
(Fear, face all your fears deep in this dream
We are the dark side of your mind)
Pain, I am your pain deep inside
(Pain, feel all your pain deep in this dream
Feel it's a part of you
You are like your dreams, both light as dark
Come with us now and explore)

Silence, I'm here, no words, no sounds, no pain or doubts
I'm floating, even time itself can never touch me, I am free
Silence, I'm here, no voices, no music
I'm roaming through this soundless place, leave me here where I am free

Doubt, I am your doubt deep inside
I am all you try to hide
Hate, I am your hate deep inside
I am your mirror, your fright

(Energized by nightly views
You are the dream, the dream is you, aah...)

So face it, you know I'm right
You have no reason to resent me and fight
You are me and I am you!
The other side of the sleepy truth

Leave me please, how can I rest with you inside?
Leave me alone, I'm too tired for these crazy theories. Let go!
I'll leave you, but won't let go
For I am part of all you'll ever do
I'll help you, I'll open doors
And show you all you need to know for I'm your 'dream energizer'