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Confira a Letra A Steady Decline

After the Burial

A Steady Decline

The secret's out
This is the last time
Cast overboard
Dragged out to sea
All premonitions drowned today
In the murky waters
Flowing from wounds
But we emerged
Soaked in grace
Dripping with the truth
You've fired upon
A target so clear
But we shattered
Our own glass hearts
We've fought with sweat and blood
This life is all we have
Today has taken a bloody toll
But the nightfall will claim your life
Claim your life
Claim your life tonight
Her majesty will swallow you
She'll devour you
And here we stand
At a eulogy
Dripping with the truth
You fired upon a target
And we fired back
We fired back on your stronghold
We devastated all defenses
Regret consumes you
Regret becomes us all
Regret consumes you
Regret becomes us all