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Confira a Letra Death By Draino


Death By Draino

Now you see the stupid yuppie bitch
Going out to try and score some coke
But it's cut with something she doesn't want
It's cut with something she doesn't need
Yes that's rights it's something nasty, Drano
The sodium hydroxide lurks within
The baggie she takes to her pathetic little party
She cuts it up on her lice marble slab
Snorts dying
She's dying

Burning in her head like nasal napalm
Destroying, corroding fragile flesh
Flooding her system, massive renal failure
Her lungs dissolve into chunks of blood
Convulsing and vomiting in death
Every orifice discharges
Lying in a pool of shit
No one mourns the yuppie bitch
She's become something she despised
She's just another bloated corpse
She's garbage