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Confira a Letra Blow Up

Age Of Electric

Blow Up

Falling up the stairs I met
A soft target designing bullets
How could we sleep through the impact
Our world blew up
You were born in '75 with silver tone and grand design
Stung with gravity of life
And we were born
You were saying something wise hidden in some black sarcastic lullabye
Can we do something with this pilot light
If I were moulding a monster I'd use your eyes
Nobody has known me
Nobody has loved me
Nobody has owned me
Oh, blow me away
Change the course, the shape, the size
I am the girl to be the bride
To hatch, to hope, to spend a life
A lifetime
This mock pose will spark the match
We blew it out
Burst the bubble back
Get back, get back
The fueling cities choose the best
And spit it out
Fighting quick and moving past
A need to wrap around some life
A remedy for boredom like
A referee between them and us
Idle minds get by
Our world blew up, blew up
Idle minds
Falling up the stairs I met a soft target designing bullets
How could we sleep through the impact