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Confira a Letra Unity or Grenadine

Age Of Electric

Unity or Grenadine

The unity of me seems a lot like yourself
Edges frayed worn down my luck
Eligible prize to die for
You're to die for
In the makeshift rain my luckiest number
My most hopeful trait
Bits and pieces
I could put them together but it still won't bring you to me
Miss Grenadine
You were a teacher
The best I had
Apple was bruised I gave you
Now eat and gaze
It's on the side of me that ain't right
But I know that you're to die for
And I know I cauterize my left side breaks
I don't deserve you they're right
The whole gang agreed I was on my own
In her volcanic cluster the world condom broke
Glad you lost her
Can't grab it that low
Slashers skulk in my outer
Never fake their way in
Shrinking and lonely with a crowd in my eye
Measuring gold sparkles in your lab in the sky