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Confira a Letra I Want You


I Want You

I’m not the kinda guy
Who finds a pretty girl and
Gets what he needs
Yea, I like beautiful girls
But this is case
I want more than just a pretty face

I need to see the eyes
That lift me to the skies
I need to feel the bond,
The love that my heart cries

Isn’t it obvious,
Isn’t it clear

I want you – and no one else
I want you – that’s what my heart tells
I want you – and nobody else

Isn’t it obvious,
Isn’t it clear

(I want you – yes I do!)

We met somewhere,
Doesn’t matter really where
Only that we where there
Sure, you look great,but that’s not the deal
What we have is so goddamn real
I need to see your eyes
That lift me higher and higher
I need to feel the bond,
The love made of fire!