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Confira a Letra Stoneface



Hey, stoneface
What makes you smile?
I could give everything just find out what you hide

Oh oh, stoneface
Do you have a heart?
‘Cause what ever we do,
There’s no way I’d know my part, no no

Power – is it what you feel?
I’m crawling before you
Like hungry dog begging for a meal

Power – is it what you crave for?
You’re making me insane
And here I am digging my own grave

(It’s all about) love
It’s something what we all need
The touch of a mother,
Words of a father
Do you see what I mean?

With you I’m so lonely that I could die
All the love that we could’ve had
Has become a lie
Oh, stoneface will you ever learn to love?

Do you hear me, stoneface?
Why do you stay?
Isn’t there an island for the likes of you,
Or that’s what they say

Oh, pretty face
Do I ever learn
That you’re not the kind
Who can change for the sake of love