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Confira a Letra The Spell


The Spell

It’s amazing to think it was a dirty and dark lair
Where the strange magic took its place
- I was walking in a haze
What kind of magic you used on me
Till this day the mystery remains
- I was lost in your maze
It was only a glimpse of an eye
When you took my heart by surprise
I was held, mesmerized

Now you hold the spell
Entwine a magic shall
Around you and I
An unbreakable tie

You hold the spell
My soul’s ruthless cell
A never ending lie
You took me by
The spell

I want to run, I want to hide
From spell you set inside of me
The way you spoke, I nearly choked
You bewitched the loving man in me
You’ve got to set me free

I was lost, I thought I was found
The illusion seemed so profound
The spell you cast is strong and sound

The evil spell
That put me through the hell
I can’t believe that I fell for your spell