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Confira a Letra Come On Down


Come On Down

If you wanna rock, and you wanna roll
This is the place
Get your guitar, get your drums,
Baby get your bass
Come on down, to where its all real
This ain't no mine
All you gotta do is stand up and shout
The following line... Come on down

Come on down

Get your beer, get your poison
Get your fun stuff
Cos we'll have a party that'll never ever stop
'Til the sun comes up
This is no riddle, this is no rime,
Just a good time
Same damn show, same damn songs,
Night after night

Come on down

You d'on't understand, I play to win
I don't play to loose
I came here tonight to do one thing,
To lay it on you
This is no game, no bullshit,
This is for real
We're gonna rock and we're gonna roll,
Until you squeal

Come on down