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Confira a Letra Birth (translation)

Akihabara Dennougumi

Birth (translation)

Right now, let's search for the fragments of courage that someday we have lost!

Although there wasn't anything special to hurry
I can do nothing, but I like to be in panic.
At the last moment when I am in the edge of a cliff I'm the type who always find my way.

Our dreams are crying Over the wall of concrete called reality They can't move nor shine And unawares we're too surrounded by them

If your skill is to overcome something with instantaneous power, okay With no shame, throw away your excessive pride Until when I revive the feeling of seeking I will return to zero at once

Lately, I've been thinking for a while
About the "perfectionism" of the slongans that are being published That sort of policy is also important
But surely there are more important things

If I suspend that heated-up engine a little And take a deep breath... that's it Let's be thankful and try
to laugh

To live indifferently is a bad thing by no means!
Through away this habit of working too hard Somebody said: "It is for you not to lose yourself" Let's return to zero at once

In the moment I found a small courage,
Even my dreams, I could inhale and blow brilliantly

What's it that I was eager to get by all means?
Throw away such a past that you can't recall The feeling that returned to zero will Pour love into my whole self Until the day I grow up greatly