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Confira a Letra Shu  AKA (translation)

Akihabara Dennougumi

Shu AKA (translation)

This city which is beckoning is giving me life
Once you step fully into the maze of darkness once You can no longer come out Hiding my sensual face So that my desire can
stay alive I'll snatch away your heart Putting on the mask called dream

Shakin' Love We can disarrange love in this suspicious era
Holding tightly your red-colored body
As many and many times, until the day it dies

The doll that improved Dressing the same
clothes is safe But is it X or 0? It's OK if it's got only some poison I've thought for a long time As I can't be swallowed up by this city, I'll live in such a way that I won't lose to loneliness Give me love Is love an atraction for this suspicious era? Such “true set of values” that Papa and mama have implanted in me Are sparsely trustworthy

What shall I believe in? Whatever it is it doesn't matter My heart is just hard to manage My naivety is painful

Shakin' love I'll disarrange my passion in this suspicious era I want to hold it very tightly with my red-dyed heart As many and many times, until the day it dies