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Confira a Letra Taiyou no Hana (translation)

Akihabara Dennougumi

Taiyou no Hana (translation)

What's important for me?
I tried to ask to myself
I wanna protect something? In fact, even if I knew...

It's somehow difficult to live honestly So I have only one thing left In my heart

I wanna have the power to be able to say I love you to the one I love My smiling face shakes While shining like a gentle sunflower

What do you want to tell To the one you love? Can you tell all your thoughts And your true feelings?

Time that goes by is dressed in eternity So, it is for you to have no regrets In your heart

Have the weakness to be able to say I wanna meet you when you wanna meet him/her After your tears of sunflower that pour Light in the morning sun get dry

Shining in the sunlight, surely Many seeds of happiness ride the wind, They are taken to someone's base, And someday will fully bloom.

("in your heart")

Have the power to be able to say I love you to the one you love Your smiling face shakes like a gentle sunflower Puff up your chest

Shining in the sunlight, surely Once more, seeds of happiness ride the wind They are taken to your base And you'll make a bigger flower bloom.

While you are shining....