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Confira a Letra Fireworks



Once I was cold
But now I know
How a fireworks
'Cause I felt the flame
It drove me insane

There was this lady
Soft as as a gentle glow
She told me everything
That she knows
About fireworks
She's got fireworks

Now on the fourth of July
By the riverside
There was fireworks
And by her dark green eyes
I was hynotised
By her fireworks

She lit a fuse in the
Dark of the night
Then I got off
Like dynamite
On her fireworks
She's got fireworks

A million colors shooting
Across the sky
Moment any man
Could fantasize
Ahw.. Fireworks
Got fireworks .. Ahw..


Now I'm meeting her here
But she's dis-appeared
And took her fireworks
She burning up someone
With her fever and fun
And her fireworks

Some lucky man is gonna
Need her so
And when he does
I know he's gonna know
Her fireworks
She's got fireworks

A candle burning at both ends

Hotbed of coal... Ahhh..

Fire, fire
Fire, fire

Hot as coal... Ahhh..


Fire, fire
Oh, Oh,,,

Hot bed of coal...

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