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Confira a Letra Lolole - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood(versão Inglês/espanhol)


Lolole - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood(versão Inglês/espanhol)

Baby, in the days in the world
Days tricking you
Life, no matter how hard it gets
Does not have an impact on us

Your love in my heart grows
Come on my love lets go, my heart is open for you

If it gives you life and love, it is impossible
Don't leave me hear so alone
Don't listen what the people say
I feel very guilty


In my life
Your existance in the world
Come, for my sake

A love like mine
Is a sincere love
I want to share it with you without rancor
Because i love you

Oh, what a loss in the world
You are the meaning of love
You are my sun, you are my nights
Your are the hope of my life


If i ever
Hurt you
I ask for your forgiveness
Forget the crime

If there are misaries in our life that occurs
Our love is a hobby in our life