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Confira a Letra No Ordinary Love

Alaine Laughton

No Ordinary Love

Intro: Every, every moment that I'm awake,
Every, every hour of every day I love how
you take my breath away.

Verse1: In your arms I'm safe secure every care
around me melt away. When you hold me I forget
every word that I wanted to say. I am freely lost
in your love, there's no one else for me.
I surrender, completely.

Chorus: Ooh, ooh. My heart's racing, I'm shaking
caught up in the love we're making. This is no,
this is no ordinary love. Oh baby, your skin on
my skin it feels so good I feel like crying.
This is no, this is no ordinary love.

Verse2:I don't ever want to say goodbye, I can
never breathe, never survive. Baby you're my reason
why I believe there's meaning in my life. I have
faith in love faith in us and faith that this is right.
I surrender, forever, tonight.


Bridge: Extraordinary, more than special every moment
we're together. More than love, more than enough,
I'll never leave, never.
Every Second, Every minute
Love and I have fallen in with
you and only you. Ordinary just for you!