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Confira a Letra Self-Medicating



i get drunk
and it's all just for fun
take a sip and then i
take a chug and then i
slam that whole damn thing down
then i bump up a little bit
tune into my senses
and i'm acting like a clown
then the smoke starts a'risin'
and i go to a smile and
floatin' six feet above the ground
i'm self-medicating
and it's all for fun
makin' my mama proud
i make good decisions to shine like a star
at the bottom of a whiskey jar
i'm waiting for jesus, and pure peace of mind
until then i'll do all i can find
i'm self-medicated, pure jubilated
i'm just too high to have a clue
grand master plan's in motion
and i got the notion - 'cuz 4:20's gettin near - so i grab me a cold one
pop the top wide open
here's to you, my best friend beer!
when i go it's full throttle
love jack daniel's in a bottle
i've got two missions left to do
beer by blood won't fix it
what i need is narcotics
i've got some skills to abuse


i'm just a victim of circumstance
if it's there, i'll soon be gone
i like myself better when i'm high
is that so wrong?
don't sit and judge me 'cuz you don't know me at all
you can go and fuck yourself
you can go to hell
well, i've got some anger issues
i've got to deal with, so i'm...