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Confira a Letra Anthem



excess is key
yes, excess for me
i'm livin' large and livin' hard, won't hear complaints from me
when life gets me down, you won't see me frown
'cuz i know the place i need to be
at the boone saloon
where we're getting lit and talkin' shit and actin' like a fool
at the boone saloon
see you there on monday, we'll be drunk by noon
restin' all our beers on bucky's big wood
i make a crude joke, 'cuz you knew that i would
it's 20 feet long, and 3 feet wide
and for her pleasure, natural edge on the side


the scandals' in town, they rock that Black Cat down
jenna's chuggin' beer, varipapa's on the ground
the moral to the story, we really don't have one
so let's all get fucked up and have some
fun, fun, fun!