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Confira a Letra Smile

I feel all used and tossed aside
like a rubber on a loveless night
a warm body for you to hold
i feel just like your sex toy
'cuz i'm in the drawer for weeks at times
and then you use me to make you smile
and all those times, i guess you lied
when you said you loved me
so go to hell, hope you enjoy the ride
i'm such a chump for all those tears i cried
are ya doin' fine 'cuz i hope you die
a slow and painful death, it'd make me smile
now you act like nothin's changed
do you get off messin' with my brain?
sure i'm actin' like a child
but at least i can make up my mind
so fuck you and all your friends
i'll make fun of you and them
i'll sit around and drink some brews
and talk about your mother


'cuz it's love, and it's hate
i got that hate and love thing for you, baby, but right now
hate's kickin' love's ass
out the door, out the door, out the door, out the door


I hope you die...