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Confira a Letra All For You

Alex Band

All For You

All for you

All for you..

Lightning struck electric love
Knock me off my feet I'm drunk
Never knew that it could feel this good
'Till I found you

A key to fit this rusted lock
You started up my heart that stopped
Now every single thing I do
I do it all for you

All for You...
All for you...
Long before the sand of time
I was yours and you were mine
Every star was made to shine
Shine all for you

Day by day my love it grows
A twisted thorn upon your rose
One among the many who thinks they're
The one you chose

I wish it was like on tv
I manipulate reality
Well, then maybe you'll finally see
I do it all for you


Love will come and love will go away
From the brightest color into shade of gray
I will aways be waiting for the day
For the day...