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Confira a Letra Will Not Back Down

Alex Band

Will Not Back Down

I let you down
But I'll make it up to you somehow
In time, you'll see it's true
That my will is strong
And I know that as these days go on
You'll find,
I'll get to you
If it's the last thing that I do...

Every step you take
I'll be a second behind
Every move you make
I'll be the thorn in your side
And no you can't fight this now
I will not back down
I'm the sky, the stars, the moon, the setting sun
I'm the feeling inside you
When you're coming undone
You know you can't fight this now
I will not back down

Some say I'm cruel
But nobody knows what I feel for you
My love, you're the only one
Do you understand?
I can't let you slip right through my hands
No my love, don't try and run
See in my eyes you and I are one...


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