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Confira a Letra Journey's End

Alex Day

Journey's End

Something was wrong when the stars went out, didn't know what it was all about
Then the bees started to fly away and earth got trapped in the Medusa Cascade

Through the subwave network everybody had a chat, Harriet was murdered and then everyone was sad
Davros stole the signal and the Doctor was amazed, how was he alive and who had brought him to this place

Spotted Rose Tyler across the fog, heard 'exterminate' and he was shot
Started glowing with a golden shine, transferred his energy then he was fine

He was pretty lucky that he kept his severed hand, though in terms of canon I do not quite understand
What was Russell thinking, what the hell was going on
OK fine we're sorry we'll get right back to the song

We've reached the journey's end, having a laugh inside the TARDIS
Though it didn't make much sense, always nice to see them Daleks

Martha Jones teleported to Germany, where she prepared to use the Osterhagen Key
Jack had a necklace thing; a Warp Star so I'm told, but Davros was like "no, come hang out in my vault" (boogie)

Threw the TARDIS into the fire, Donna thought that things were looking dire
Second Doctor grew from energy, Captain Jack started having fantasies

Caan went to the Time War and it muddled up his brain, now he sees the future but he's totally insane
Silly Silly Davros thinks that Caan is on his side, wait till he discovers that the prophecy's a lie

Davros revealed his master plan; if you need a reality bomb, he's your man!
Donna flicked a switch and said some complex words, the Daleks exploded and they saved the Earth (yay)

One last thing before we finish, Donna's mind was wiped, Doctor had to leave if she remembered she would die
Sarah Jane returned to Mr Smith, K9 and Luke, didn't mention Mickey cos he's really not much use (sorry)