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Confira a Letra Not Just Yet

Alex Day

Not Just Yet

Goodnight, lay down and close your eyes
All things have to die but not just yet

I'm here, I'll always be around
We could both fall down but not just yet

Tomorrow's still a day away
And it will always stay that way

Goodnight, our time is all but gone
We'll have to move on but not just yet
For now, I want to share my life
You'll be out of sight but not just yet

I hope you won't forget the time we had
When we laughed our way through movies we had paid too much to see
All the photographs that we forgot to take
And the train tickets you told me we should never throw away

I hope you won't regret the time we had
Stolen glances through the darkness staying close to fight the cold
All the memories that we forgot to make
And the way you fit a lifetime into every single day
So let's have one more day