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Confira a Letra Heart On My Sleeve

Alex Day

Heart On My Sleeve

Looks like I've fallen in love again
Kiss me, save me, be my closest friend
We've waited all year to have tonight
Don't hold back and I will make you mine

It started with a kiss and ended with I'll miss you, yes I do
So tell me what you want and I will wear that mask for you
We say we're being truthful but I can't get near you when I do
I just can't shake the image of my hands exploring you

Lie down, let me in
I will give you everything
I wear my heart on my sleeve
Touch me and I won't let you go
Make me what you need
You know what you want with me
I wear my heart on my sleeve

For now you're far away but close enough to miss you, and I do
For all the girls in all the world, I've got my eye on you
I'm ready for the day when I will get over you, I will do
But first just let me give myself entirely to you

And I'm not gonna lose you
I will fly around the world
If I have to show you
What you mean to me