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Confira a Letra I Don't Want Much

Allison Mose

I Don't Want Much

I Don't Want Much in This World
It's the Simple Things I Treasure
'till I Die I Would Get By On Fame, Riuches and Sensual Pleasure

I Don't Ask Much in This Life
No Special Consideration
Just Treat Me Like His Majesty
Of a Friendly Opec Nation

Some People
Just Don't Know When to Stop
Some People
Just Won't Quit Until They Reach the Top

But I'm So Easy Going
I'd Make My Way Through Life
On Love and Understanding
From a Rich and Beautiful Wife

Some People
Just Never Seem to Get Enough
Some People
Want Salvation, Paradise and All That Stuff

But I'm So Easy Going
Don't Even Keep the Score
All I Want Is Plenty, But I Will Take More
If You Ask Me
I Will Take More
Say Please
And I Will
Take More