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Confira a Letra You Make Me Smile

Aloe Blacc

You Make Me Smile

Uhm, you make me smile,
Uhm, make me smile

I think it's safe to say
Things just haven't been going my way
No work coming in, so my money's spent
And I still got bills to pay
But through it all you're right here with me
When I'm sinking, oh, you come through and lift me
It's nothing more then the love that you give me
Keeps me from drowning in tears

You make me smile
You make me smile
Come through and save the day
You make me smile
You make me smile
In a very special way

Everywhere I go
People keep and ask me
Where I'd get my joy? why am I so happy?
In these trying times, when a frown is the fashion
I'm beaming like the sun, now, how can that be?
See, the answer to the query is very simple
I'm always grinning from dimple to dimple
Because you love me unconditionally
My happiness is heart shake, can't you see?

When you're gone away from me
I just don't know what to do
Everything is about you
Everything revolves around you

And I wanna thank you for make me smile

You make me smile
Came through and save the day
You make me smile
You make me smile
Oh, in a very special way

You make me smile
I love the way you make me hold my hand up high
You make me smile
Feel like I've been walking in the sky

When nothing is going my way, what else can I say?
When I can't see the light here, comming to shine and bright
When everything is bad and I'm feeling real sad
When I don't have the answers you always give me a chance to smile
Smile, smile, smile