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Confira a Letra Bailar

Aloe Blacc


Mmm, she look good, yeah over there
And I don't wanna stare
But the way she fixed up her hair, and I care
It looks just right and I think I just might
But what if up close
She don't look right?
And what if I'm not her type?
Not the kinda guy she like?
How will I ever meet my wife
If I never meet my wife?
That's clever
Gotta do somethin' about this
No matter how much I may doubt this
Could be the one
Mami you could be some fun
Or maybe she could be a ton of trouble
But I could use some trouble in my life

I wanna get into some trouble tonight (yeah)
I wanna get into some trouble tonight (yeah)
I wanna get into some trouble tonight (yeah)
I wanna get into some trouble tonight (yeah)

But first I'm gonna dance cause I came here to dance
Move cause I came here to move
Groove, you know I'm up in a groove
That's what I came here to do
Find me a girl who can dance
Look for a girl who can move
Dance with a lady who's shakin' it, like she got somethin' to prove

Brother you know you got game
Go ahead and get the dame
Ask her name, say somethin'
Don't just stand there frontin'
What you want is probably what she wantin'

Right, then I'ma say peace to my man
And make my way across the floor
I'ma cross the flow, yeah
I'm in front of her face
We make eye contact
If she smile back, I'm grabbin' her waist
Cumbia step, we shake to the bass
Salsa step she follow my pace
Yeah she got frace
I tell her that my name is nathaniel
She told me that she only speak in espanol

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