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Confira a Letra Closure



Because I felt fear for the first time
Some say I gave up on you.
I can feel it circling around you;
It all comes back to you.

You're giving me no option,
What made you think had it?
I am the one who made you
and now you're left to think:

Nothing takes a hold of me
Not your weak apologies
Nothing takes control of me
Not your insincerity
Nothing takes a hold of me-
Nothing takes control of me-

You weren't the first, and not the last one
This is the end because we started going backwards
You are a lost cause, you drink the sin of man
This is the end because
You are done

One after one we go
We'll never know if we will come back home
But there is no fear
We'll persevere until our days are done.

You're slipping through the cracks
I gave you my best hand
But you turned and walked away

It's easier to forget you when you're nowhere to be found.
This silent song is the one that you'll sing now