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Confira a Letra 2 S.H.C.


2 S.H.C.

Fucking wasted evening spent consuming too much of all kinds of shit,
My stupid buddy wasn't thinking when he bought them home with us.
Told him 10 times not to do it, only listened to his dick
Now i'm stuck in this mess, staring at a female abomination
They're completely ugly. and just fucking dumb.
Worst thing is their pussies. these stinky hairy cunts,
I can't stand it. this shit's nasty, they expect to get their holes plunged
Revolting sensation spreading out, now i'm about to fucking puke,
Leave the room now, to the kitchen, have to find something to do
That's when the glistening of a bread knife caught the corner of my eye
Storm back into the room holding knife in hand,
Commence hacking slicing at their stinky fucking clits
Won't stop 'till i'm finished. this shit has to end.
No more of these stinky ugly fucking hairy clits!
Butchery's over, now comes clean up.
Hope my buddy doesn't mind.

Think he's passed out. doesn't matter, smell got better by a mile.
Now i feel more like fucking. now i finally can get a grip.
Even with their bowels spread across the living room,
They smell more pleasant than their fucking clits.