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Confira a Letra Life Taker


Life Taker

He's been left alone again
He's too young to understand
But it happens all the time
No-one cares and no-one's there
They're all gone but don't know where
And it happens all the time
As he begs for love you go
And leave him cold
Can't you see what you do
Is everything you went through?
You've become what you hate
Now you're the one who's taking lives away
He can't make any friends at school
He thinks he's nothing but a fool
And there's no-one there for him
I tried to make you realize
That he needs someone when he cries
And you're never there for him
And I can't stand you anymore
Acting like there's nothing wrong
He'll become just like you
And do the things he went through
He'll become what he hates
And be the one who's taking life's away
You took every piece of love he ever had to give
You gave him all your pain and now it's too late to forgive
You've made him just like you