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Confira a Letra Not Alright

American Heartbreak

Not Alright

Pick up the pieces of your adolescent dreams
Take what they give you avoiding the truth at all cost
Someday someone will find you
Teach you what you want to be
You're killing me, well

You ain't got nothin' for me
I think I'm getting kinda sick of you
You see what you want to see
I've got a picture, a vision of you
Alright, Alright

Well you take such pleasure dismissing the obvious
Counting stars in your eyes and you're acting surprised, it's unfair
Someday someone will find you
Be what they want you to be
You're killing me

(Repeat Chorus)

Smash it to pieces, pretend it's alright
Searching for better ways out

(Repeat Chorus)

Alright, Alright